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Dog Vet Care

Early Detection and Prevention at Redmond-Fall City Animal Hospital

Dog Veterinary Wellness Care:
Veterinary wellness care means taking steps to prevent disease, and to detect it early to ensure the best chance of a successful outcome to treatment.  Regular wellness care is the very best you can do to assure a longer life and highest quality of life for your dog. 

Our highly qualified vets recommend the following wellness care for dogs:

  • Complete veterinary physical examination every year
  • ‚ÄčIntestinal parasite screen every year
  • Vaccinations specifically tailored to your dog’s lifestyle
  • Senior blood/urine screening every year (dogs >7 years of age)
  • Geriatric vet physical examination every 6 months (dogs >10 years of age)

Calm vet visits for your dog:
In an effort to make your dog’s veterinary visit as fun and calming as possible we use Adaptil diffusers that release a calming pheromone in our vet hospital.  Adaptil is a synthetic equivalent to a pheromone that research shows makes dogs calmer in a potentially stressful setting.  If your dog is staying with us we utilize the "Through a Dog's Ear" soundtrack to help keep them calm and comfortable.  "Through a Dog's Ear" is clinically proven to calm dogs and reduce anxiety.

AVSAB Position Statement on Positive Veterinary Care